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Solar Power Systems

You CAN get off the grid!

You’ve probably heard a lot about solar, but have wondered if it’s really worth the cost and burden of installation. At Elor Energy, we know the reality is that solar power systems are more achievable, easier to install, and more powerful than ever before. We employ Q CELLS, the most effective solar modules in the business. Their lightweight, durable frames combined with a high yield surface area means you get the maximum amount of solar energy in all weather conditions. Best of all, the systems come with an inclusive 30-year product warranty and 30-year performance guarantee.

Beyond the lucrative federal tax credits and incentives, solar power systems are eco-friendly and have the ability to drastically reduce your energy costs and impact on the environment while making most of the free, abundant sunshine in California.

Manufacturer Rebate

Sign up today and receive a $1500.00 rebate from the manufacturer.

Tax Credit

2019 is the last year that you will be able to receive the 30% tax credit.

Combo Savings

Get a Roof and Solar Combo with a payment as low as $100.00 per month.

Battery Back Systems

Sign up today and receive a 50% discount on Battery Pack Systems.

Zero Down

We offer financing options with $0 down payment.

Eliminate Your Energy Bill

Eliminate your SDG&E bill and avoid power companies controlling your money.

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