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Energy Efficient Exterior Wall Coatings

Elor Energy’s team members can offer you top-line weather proofing exterior wall coatings, exterior wall repairs, and all render finishes from smooth to roughcast that will eliminate this expense and aggravation. Our high standards and top quality workmanship are regarded as the benchmark in the exterior wall coatings industry.

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We use only the finest coating systems from Lifetime Coatings of America to develop our exclusive TRUGUARD line. The product is 35 times thicker than regular paint and utilizes a 100% acrylic resin compound that promotes flexibility (up to 400% elongation) and thermo plasticity which allows “breathability” for vapor release. TRUGUARD also includes titanium oxide to eliminate chalking and oxidation while providing superior “hiding” power as well as being unaffected by temperature change, moisture, acids, and smog. When installed, the system will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This is perfect for homeowners who aim to minimize maintenance, repair and — most importantly — cooling costs.

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30 Times Thicker Than Regular Paint

Seal the Protection of Your Home

A major modification to your home can be as simple as an exterior coating system. Not only can it update your homes exterior look, but it can offer energy-efficiency and save homeowners on heating and cooling costs annually. At Elor Energy, our manufacturers can customize your exterior coating to fit your style of colors and trim finishes to suit your needs.

Energy Efficient Exterior Wall Coatings

Cool Life® is one of the most advanced coating technologies available today for your home. Unlike regular paint, our Heat-Reflective Technology Exterior Coating System is proven to be waterproof, resist peeling, flaking, cracking and adds a lasting upgrade for your home. Using high quality products with high pigmentation our coating can also reflect the suns rays and save on utilities.

  • Specially Designed Formula for Southern California Climate Needs

  • Heat Reflective Makes Your Home Cooler

  • Resistant to Moisture and HArmful Chemicals

  • Excellent Hide and Helps Resist Fading

  • Save on Your Energy Bills

  • Water Base for Easy Clean Up

  • Environmentally Friendly Product

12 Step Coating Process



  • Trench 4-7 inches deep around perimeter of home where possible.
  • Inhibits capillary action of ground moister into wall surface.


  • Procedure removes dirt, stains, loose paint and foreign substance.

Prep Wood

  • Surface defects in need of repair or patching revealed.

Scraping & Sanding

  • Provies clean, tight surface for bonding of primer and coating to substrate.
  • Ensures that old paint does not cause the new coating to peel.

Patch & Repair

  • Caulk windows, seams and gaps in woodwork and patch masonry cracks to avoid moisture and prevent peeling.
  • Patching creates a solid and uniform surface for coating.


  • Cover or mask shrubs, windows and other surfaces for protection.


  • Advanced Technology allows a fusion between the primer and the Truguard coating which creates a permanent bond to the home.

Primer Inspection

  • Carefully inspect all primed areas.

Top Coat

  • Spray final coat.


  • 100% Acrylic Trim Coat is used for all accent pieces around the home.

Final Inspection

  • Final walkthrough and inspection.

902 Heat Reflective High Build Exterior Coating


A premium quality, high build (up to 18 mils wet film thickness), low luster, 100% Acrylic Latex heat-reflective high build exterior coating for beautifying, protecting and waterproofing exterior wall surfaces. A flexible coating that has an elasticity factor of 400% and is heat reflective.


  • Heat Reflective

  • Bridges hairline cracks

  • Resists wind driven rain
  • Breathable
  • Resistant to dirt pick-up
  • Maintains adhesion and flexibility in cold temperatures
  • Superior resistance to ultraviolet ray breakdown
  • Stucco
  • Masonry
  • Concrete
  • Block
  • Metal (requires primer)

Coating Uses: Stucco, Masonry, Concrete, Block, Metal (requires primer)

8875 Elastomeric Waterproofing Underseal

8875 Elastomeric Waterproofing Underseal

Stretch-Guard 8875 Underseal is a premium quality elastomeric coating that forms a flexible, durable, seamless membrane with 800% elongation. This membrane will stretch as the roof expands and contracts due to temperature changes. Designed to resist ponding water, 8875 Underseal is specified to be used to qualify for the Stretch-Guard Roof Coating System Warranty.


  • Primes and seals
  • Resists ponding water
  • Creates a water barrier
  • Resists cracking
  • Outstanding tensile strength
  • Superior flexibility at low temps
  • 800% elongation with excellent recovery properties

Coating Uses: Composition Roofs, Rolled Roofs, Asphalt Shingles, Poly Foam Roofs, Metal Roofs, Mobile Home Roofs, Concrete Roofs, Plywood Roofs & Decks, Flat Roofs, Masonry Block Walls

8840 Premium 100% Acrylic “Ceramic” Elastomeric Roof Coating

8840 Premium 100% Acrylic “Ceramic” Elastomeric Roof Coating-03

Life’s Stretch-Guard/Cool Life 8840 Roof Coating is a premium quality high solids “Ceramic” elastomeric coating. Cool Life 8840 combines 100% acrylic resins and “Ceramic Spheres” to form a coating system with superior adhesion, durability, weatherproofing, heat deflection and u.v. protection. Cool Life 8840 Elastomeric Coating is a Class A (ASTM-E-108) Fire Rated Coating.


  • Reduces interior temps up to 20%

  • Up to 30% energy savings
  • Waterproofing system
  • Resists ponding water

  • Extends Roof Life
  • “Ceramic Spheres” adds durability and insulation
  • Class A (ASTM-E-108) Fire Rated
  • Easy water clean up

Coating Uses: Flat Build-Up Roofs, Mobile Homes, Metal Roofs, Modified Bitumen, Concrete Tile, Single-Ply, Polyurethane Foam

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