5 Signs You Need New Windows

5 Signs You Need New Windows

New windows and renovations will always be necessary eventually. Homes over 20 years old with the original windows are typically due for an upgrade, but there are some easy ways to be sure. How will you know when it is time to replace your windows? This blog will discuss the 5 signs you need new windows and how you can choose the right ones for your home.

Well-designed windows play various important roles in enhancing your home. They improve your home’s curb appeal, increase the amount of natural light, and improve energy efficiency. If your windows are run-down and damaged, they will not only be a security issue, but they will affect the comfort of your home. It’s crucial to identify whether your windows need to be replaced, and many signs will tell you that it’s time to start your window replacement plan.

1. High Energy Bills 

On a cold day, stand next to and touch your windows. Does the area feel colder than the rest of your home? Cold glass means that the warm air from your furnace is being cooled down as soon as it gets within a few feet of your windows. The cooling is a waste of heat your furnace is producing. Grab a candle and hold it by your window frames. Slowly move it around each corner of the window. If the candle flickers, drafts are traveling through your windows. When you try this in the dark, windows will also have visible light coming through the frame. Just imagine how warmer and more comfortable your home would be if You sealed up all those little holes.

As the temperature drops during winter and rises in summer, your heating and cooling bills will do the same. If your windows are older, the heat produced by your furnace and the cooling from your air conditioner could be wasted. While older windows are generally single-paned and vulnerable to leaks, newer windows are highly efficient and designed to help prevent air from moving in and out of your home. Replacing those leaky windows with windows that contain argon gas and low-emissivity (Low-E) glass can help you save on heating bills. Low-E glass can keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, reducing your heating and cooling costs and providing a more comfortable living space year-round.

2. Window Operation 

Opening your windows should not be a chore or a source of exercise; they should open and close effortlessly. If it requires a bit of force and pressure to open or close your windows, or if they’re painted or swollen shut, it’s time to replace them. Wood windows can typically fall victim to this.

3. Decaying Frames and Leaky Windows 

Decaying window frames is one of the clearest signs that you need to replace your windows. If you notice that your window frames show signs of decay, this is a sign that your windows are in serious need of an upgrade. Built-up moisture damage can cause serious decay down the road and lead to severe safety issues.

Another problem is leaky windows. In some cases, your windows may leak so badly that they leave pools of water on your floor. You may think there isn’t enough water to justify the renovation, or it will stop in the summer. Remember that moisture leads to mold despite how little water there may be. The longer you postpone replacing your windows, the more chance the leaking window will create a bigger problem.

Two common reasons for leaks are poor installation or a failed sealed unit. You could repair your windows, but you wouldn’t be fixing the problem. Moisture built up on your windows is a symptom of something more significant. The only way to truly fix leaking windows and ensure that the windows won’t fail again is to replace them.

5 Signs You Need New Windows

4. Soundproofing 

Single-pane or double-pane windows will transfer sound vibrations from the street into your house, and all the noise will add up, eliminating your peace and quiet. The best energy-efficient windows will absorb these sound waves before they enter your home.

5. Condensation 

Do you regularly see fog or condensation on your windows? If you see condensation between the two glass panes, this is a sign that your windows’ seals have failed. You will need to identify which condensation you are dealing with because not all condensation is bad.

Replace Your Windows with Elor Energy!

To keep your home operating at peak efficiency, the factors of your home need to function together to achieve the best return on your investment. Your windows, doors, heating and cooling system, insulation, ventilation, and siding create a system that makes your home operate efficiently. Windows are an investment that will boost your home’s value and significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. They will also increase the amount of natural light in your home and energy efficiency. Windows are a functional upgrade, and whether you are trying to improve your home’s appearance or save money on your energy bills, window renovations are a great project sure to pay off.

Give Elor Energy a call, and we would be happy to have an estimator perform an in-home consultation to help you choose the right window solution for your home. You can reach us at (858) 683-6443 or click here to get started.  

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